When it comes to how a perp looks, that old double helix, DNA, is beginning to provide biologists and forensic experts with all the data they need to evaluate a crime scene for forensic DNA analysis.

Genetics and criminal injustice have always gone hand-in-hand. For example, the Nazis justified death camps on the grounds that Jews as well as gypsies were genetically inferior.

But do you know that the Nazis took their cue from the eugenics legislation passed in the USA? This discussion has been going on a looong time.

Race is usually defined by skin color, but in reality skin color is but one of many genetic traits passed down within family trees. The differences between races are little more than skin deep, when you look at a person’s DNA.

The Modern Genetics Definition of Race

Modern genetics reveals varying aspects as it shows race as truly skin deep.

For instant genetics undermines the whole concept regarding humanity being composed of races that are pure… as well as static group that that are always significant different from each other.

Genetics keep proving otherwise by tracing human ancestry through the use of autosomal, mitochondrial and Y-chromosome DNA tests.

DNA Profiling Used in Criminal Investigations

DNA testHave you ever heard of DNA being used as a form of evidence in courts?

There’s more to that in regard to genetics application to forensics.

A main concept in forensic DNA is that you can use DNA to predict a living thing’s appearance and physical traits.

Police investigations have long been using fundamental research on human appearances, combined with applied research for instant forensic DNA prototyping that is highly reliable in predicting the appearance of a person who may be dead – or missing.

The study focuses on how well can you predict the height, weight or even color of suspects with the use of DNA left behind in the crime scene. Such a study focused on stature.

For example, the study we are able to predict the extreme height that is people in the upper 3% with an accuracy of 0.75 where the 0.5 is the random and the 1 is perfect indicator.

Revealing Basic Physical Traits

You can uncover the basic physical traits of a human being with the use of DNA test more reliably than with other means.

Using DNA you can predict the shape of a human eye as well as color to within 90% accuracy.

You can also know the age of a person by analyzing the T cell receptors, which always degrade the same for everyone.

However, everything else that DNA might be able to predict is in reality much less accurate.

Genetic Material Can Predict Other Attributes

Are there more attributes that can be predicted with the use of genetic material based on DNA test?

Skin color is one of the attributes that one can predict with the use of DNA analysis. Here, the study involves ancestry markers; however there are some variations.

The other thing we may be able to predict in the future is face shape, the Holy Grail – but it may be in distant future. One study has already found five genes that define face shape. The conclusion made about the face is that there so many genes affecting it hence the effects is immerse.

DNA-based 3-D portraits

It’s possible to make 3–D portraits for DNA accurately. However this is not possible in the long term. This was done by Artist Heather Hagborg and for a fact I did not like her work with the use mixed things such as hairs as well as eye color mixed with things that cannot be predicted yet. For instant she used facial shape, skin color although she seemed to use those traits for artistic skills only.

Lastly, it’s very possible to generalize our appearance with the use of genetic composition.

Ethnicity from genes is a matter of statistical clustering.

Hence the crime investigation department has to keep advancing the use of DNA test for crime scene evaluation as well as predicting the suspects.

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