Thousands of people each year purchase DNA paternity tests.

A Paternity DNA test is a  simple test, but it is one which is very important.

Paternity tests are useful tools to have in modern society and they are being used more and more for a variety of reasons.

In all cases, accuracy is critical. But in some cases, timing is also of the essence.

So how long does it typically take to get DNA paternity test results back?

A Matter of Weeks

In most cases, a DNA test can take anywhere from three weeks to twelve weeks to return results.

This can be quite a lengthy period of time for some people; however, this is usually the standard time for non-rush cases.

If the test results are needed immediately, then you can get the results within a day or two. It really depends on the need for the results and whether you go private or otherwise.

Some laboratories are back-dated or overloaded with tests and if that is the case, it’s more than likely the results will take a good few weeks.

When You’ve Got The Time To Wait

For tests that don’t require immediate results now, you can simply choose to put a ‘no rush’ exemption on the test. If this is to occur, it usually means the lab would put the test to the back of the pile behind the ones which require quick results. You could choose to wait weeks or days, depending on the need for the results.

For a court ordered DNA test, it will take a few weeks; if you choose to purchase a private test on your own, then it may be only a few days.

Private Tests Are Far Quicker

A DNA test often goes through the court however; if you choose the private route, you will find the tests are a costly but very quick to get results.

Now, depending on your situation, this can be very important. If there is a dispute over paternity, then its best for a child and those involved to know the truth as quickly as possible.

Bottom line, private paternity tests will take only a few days, maybe only one day.

For Fastest Results Contact The Lab Directly

If you go through the normal channels and opt not to go private, you can still get the DNA test results back quickly. You can simply call the laboratory who is dealing with the test and ask for priority.

It might not always work but if you are in need of fast results and cannot afford a private test, then make a call. You have nothing to lose and you never know, the laboratory might be able to help out with the DNA test. If not, you’ll still get the results; it just means waiting an extra few weeks.

DNA Paternity Test

Should You Opt For A Private Paternity Test?

DNA paternity tests can take a variety of times to get back to you. Some may take a few days, while others can take a few weeks; it really all depends on the people who are running the tests and whether it’s private.

However, in most cases, the tests take a few weeks and if the lab isn’t too busy, it can be even quicker. A DNA test may take time but the results will come.

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