Exponents is an addiction treatment center involved to provide quality life for the individuals addicted to substance, mental illness and AIDS.

Exponent was established in 1980 as a treatment center for substance abuse and designed a treatment program named, “harm reduction”, to recover individuals addicted to drugs. Today, it helps people with all forms of dependency – from complex polydrug addictions like the ever-popular celebrity choice, alcohol + Xanax to prescription drugs and illegal drugs, including the latest synthetics.

The program was successful and its reputation has begun to grow since then.

Later in the 80’s, they modeled program ARRIVE, which focuses on education re. HIV and traditional drug treatment. This program benefited the individuals in the recovery process and also self-responsible person in the society.

The mission of Exponent is to offer a client based treatment to make them aware of the things occurred in the past and which guides them to lead a sober life in future.

Exponents provides number of treatment programs, as follows:


is a program conducted to support individuals and their families affected with HIV, chronic diseases, drugs and alcohol. It is conducted for two month period for about five times throughout the year. It provides an innovative environment to build their skills to overcome their hurdles, poverty and syndromes.

Former Prisoner Symposium-

is a conference conducted five times in a year for city offenders to educate them in an effective manner. It insists them to transform into responsible person in the society. Intensive drug treatment outpatient program is conducted to specially focus on the individuals suffering from substance dependency, chronic illness and psychological problems.

Personalized Intensive Counseling (PIC)-

is counseling program that makes committed people to design the targets in life. This is implemented through one on one interaction with the counselors. Outreach service is initiated to offer service in the places where no options available. This program helps dependency people, offenders, and HIV individuals to improve their life.

Transitional Services Unit-

is monitored by the staff graduates to provide secure housing and effective medical arrangement very before to the offender’s arrival. Men’s Supportive Services is an opportunity provided for HIV positive men to participate in educational programs, individual counseling. This program is funded by NYS department of Health and AIDS Institute to offer housing, training for jobs and also women’s supportive service is also conducted.

Woman Having Counselling Session

Exponents is licensed by OASAS (Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services).

On a positive scale, it is funded by both the government and private organization in large scale. About 82% of the funds are used for client’s welfare and rest is used for management programs. It is well-known organization with no negative criticism.

It is located in New York City, NY at 151 West 26th Street.

To call the administrative officer, please dial: (212) 243-3434.

Further information about this organization, please visit

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