Drug testing is just an easy way of determining whether any substances from drugs are present in your system. This is conducted for various purposes, such as providing proof of one’s fitness as a parent in child custody case.

From time to time, companies and employers may also require employees to undergo drug testing, sometimes because individual employees exhibit drug-related behaviour that negatively affects the company as a whole. There are different types of drug tests, the most common of them being the urine and blood tests; you will be required to provide a sample of these substances at the clinic.

Sweat-based drug testing is also an alternative; this involves affixing a “sweat patch” to the skin; the sweat produced over the course of 14 days will reveal some drugs in one’s system. Hair drug testing is a growing drug testing method as well, which will require you to provide a certain amount of hair for testing.

Drug Testing

The drug tests can be conducted using any one of these four- saliva, hair, blood or urine. Any one of these can be chosen according to the necessity of the test and the proximity of the result they would get.

Types Of Drug Tests

Hair Follicle Test- As our hair are the external part of our body we can use the hair samples to test the presence of any drug in our body. Our hair gets nourishment from the blood in our body, so it will also contain the drugs present in our blood.

Oral saliva Drug Test- The saliva is secreted by the salivary glands. The blood helps the salivary glands to function and secretes saliva, so there are large possibilities for the drugs present in our blood to be present in our saliva too. So the saliva drug tests are believed to be the best sample for any oral drug tests.

Blood Test- Any drug we consume can be best tested through the blood samples from our body. All the chemicals that our stomach digests can be easily found in our blood.

Urine Drug Tests- After we consume the drugs they finally get through the kidneys and come out of our body. So all the chemicals present in our body will also have a trace in the urine samples. So the urine test results will have a good proximity of results.

Drug Testing Methods

Apart from these types of drug testing methods, the drug testing kits can also be differentiated based on the types of tests done and the types of drugs tested.

Single Test- The single drug test will be able to test only a specific kind of drug present in the body. For example, marijuana drug tests, cocaine drug tests, and much more.

Double Test- In the double test, you will be able to test any two types of drugs in them. You can place two strips at both ends of the equipment and check the sample for the presence of the drug.

Multiple Tests- In this type of stuff, you can test up to ten strips to detect the presence of any drug. If you are unsure about the type of blood present in your body, then this will be the best choice for you.

The drug testing kits also can be quickly used by anyone to check the presence of any drug in the body. Parents can use these testing kits at home to check their children. The drug testing kits can also be used in the offices to check the health conditions of employees. There are annual checkups done in many offices. While checking for the presence of drugs they cannot be verified with a single test, so it would be better to use the testing kits at home.

To speak the truth, drug testing is not a difficult or complicated procedure. There is not much that you should do except to show up at the laboratory or clinic on your appointed schedule. If you want to be prepared for drug testing, nevertheless, a little extra information on the types of drug tests should help calm your nerves.

These are just a few ways to conduct drug tests on individuals, and as you can see, they are neither threatening nor challenging. If you’re still worried about the results, there’s not much you can do about them but to wait and see what happens next.

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