Debunking 4 Popular Myths About DNA Paternity Tests

DNA Paternity Testing Myths

DNA paternity tests are becoming more and more popular in the United Stated as well as in other parts of the world. There is a good reason for the surge in popularity too. After all, paternity tests can give you peace of mind and even strengthen the emotional bond between a father and a child. Movies and films have also helped create awareness about DNA tests. Nevertheless, there remains a lot of mystery around the subject. As a result, people have developed certain perceptions about paternity tests; some of them true, others false. Here are 4 popular myths and the truths behind them.

1. Many People Tend To Think That Geneticists Use Hair Samples And Blood Samples To Perform Paternity Tests. Truth

While it is true that DNA tests can use both hair and blood samples, this is mainly a preserve of scientists. Geneticists mostly … Read the rest


Everything You Need to Know About Employee Drug Tests

Reasons Behind Employee Drug Tests

Drug use and abuse are increasing by the day. In fact, according to research, the USA consumes at least 60% of all illegal drugs in the world. Surprisingly, the same research suggests that at least 77% of all drug abusers in the USA are employed; either partly or wholly. This being the reason, employee drug tests are conducted in many areas of employment.

Considering the effects that illegal drug use and abuse can have in the workplace, employee drug tests are critical. Although drug tests are not mandatory by law for all employers (except those heavily controlled by the federal government e.g. the military, transportation, and nuclear energy), different states and localities have different rules and regulations regarding the issue of testing employees for drugs.

It would be important to note that both non-union companies and union companies are allowed to carry out drug tests. … Read the rest


When can you get a DNA Test during Pregnancy?

The DNA of the baby can explain to new parents any concerning medical issues that the baby may be born with, giving them time to prepare. These pieces of information can be revealed and the data separated by performing a DNA test amid pregnancy. DNA testing has improved over the years and DNA samples can be gathered prior to the birth of the baby.

A DNA test is done amid pregnancy is to test the DNA of the unborn baby. Among the reasons of why a DNA test of the unborn child might be done is trying to determine the paternity of the baby. There are also other reasons why testing for variations from the norm and acquired hereditary infections would be a good idea.

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What Do You Need For Immigration DNA Testing?

DNA testing can provide undeniable proof of blood relationships between family members and this tool is now used in some immigration cases to help applicants prove that the family members applying for visas really are their relatives. Applicants can undergo paternity, maternity or kinship tests to substantiate their claims – paternity tests for fathers and children, maternity for mothers and children and kinships for other family relationships, such as aunts and nieces.

In this guide, we will look at the purpose of these tests, the steps that the sponsors and beneficiaries need to take, important considerations that can affect the process and what to expect from the results.

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Happy DNA Day on April 25, 2016!

Happy DNA Day! In case you have never heard of DNA day, April 25th is the day the scientific world celebrates the anniversary of the formal announcement of the discovery of the structure of DNA, as well as the anniversary of the Human Genome project being completed.

The race was on in the early 1950’s to determine what the actual structure of DNA was. When scientists James Watson and Francis Crick first made their discovery of Deoxyribonucleic Acid being a double helix, it was actually February 28th, 1953. Crick was reportedly so excited that he made a proclamation in a nearby pub that they had together found the secret of life. They waited until April 25 of the same year to properly announce their finding in Nature Magazine.

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Gift Created Out Of Your Own DNA

DNA testing can offer us so much. By mapping out genes and determining our precise genetic profile, we can now understand more about what makes us unique as individuals and what links us to close family members and our ancestors. We can trace our blood lines back to Vikings, test ourselves for problematic genetic inheritances or simply get a better idea of the building blocks that make us who we are.

These tests have come along way in recent years and have become much more accessible and affordable. Just by applying for a kit and mailing off a sample we can get detailed readout of our own personal codes and a wealth of information. The problem is that there is often very little to show for it on a physical level, besides a printed document and a hole in the bank balance. At London’s Dot One, designers have found … Read the rest


Facts and Myths About Hair Drug Testing

What Is A Hair Drug Test? This procedure is basically known as hair screening, in this procedure a person’s hair strand is used to know that which drugs are used by the person whose hair are being tested. For this purpose the small sample of hair is used and this drug test identifies and measures all the molecules that are present in the drugs. This drug test can tell the metaboly of the drug that was produced after the drug was consumed by the human body. The reason behind it that when a drug processed by a human body the traces of the drugs can be found in the follicles of the hair, because it is inserted into it by the blood stream. What Is The Time Span For The Drug Test?

It normally takes a time period of 90 days, but it also depends upon the growth of hair. … Read the rest


Exponents Addiction Treatment Center

Exponents is an addiction treatment center involved to provide quality life for the individuals addicted to substance, mental illness and AIDS.

Exponent was established in 1980 as a treatment center for substance abuse and designed a treatment program named, “harm reduction”, to recover individuals addicted to drugs. Today, it helps people with all forms of dependency – from complex polydrug addictions like the ever-popular celebrity choice, alcohol + Xanax to prescription drugs and illegal drugs, including the latest synthetics.

The program was successful and its reputation has begun to grow since then.

Later in the 80’s, they modeled program ARRIVE, which focuses on education re. HIV and traditional drug treatment. This program benefited the individuals in the recovery process and also self-responsible person in the society.

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What Personal DNA Testing Can Reveal About Your Health and Future Well-Being

A DNA test is a very simple thing and it is used across the world. However, most don’t realize this test can be used for a variety of things including understanding genetics. Human genetics are quite complicated and there are millions of doctors and scientists who are searching for answers to help people stay well and safe throughout their entire lives. However, what can personal DNA testing reveal about your potential health and future well-being?

The Risk of Genetic Diseases

There are lots of different diseases out there and for anyone; they have the chance to contract them. However, in some cases, the risks are higher because of genetics. For example, a parent who has Huntington’s disease may pass the condition to their child because of their genetics. There are lots of other diseases that aren’t passed through genetics but offer a higher risk. However, a DNA test can almost … Read the rest


Addiction Treatment: Tailored To Your DNA

A DNA test is widely used throughout the world for paternity suits however, that isn’t the only option in which it can be used. Strange as it may seem but DNA testing has been used to help determine the right course of treatment for addiction. Yes, you did read right, there are now DNA tests being used for those with addiction. How can this work for you?

Understanding the Mechanics

Across America, there are rehabilitation facilities that take a sample of a patients DNA and performs a variety of tests in order to make the right decision when it comes to treating an addiction. It does actually holds some key pieces of information for doctors including what imbalances in the brain there may be. This will ensure doctors have the ability to find the right course of treatment all based on biological and genetic maths. This type of DNA … Read the rest